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The Marryposa Royal Events is a special enterprise that was established to implement the expectations of each customer in the quickest and most direct way. We undertake all kinds of events and accompany you from design to realization . Helen Liori and her team have taken care to create a simple and efficient way of communication to achieve the best possible result , including any service you can think of.

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The wedding you were always dreamed of, just as you imagine it through many options and our unique system of event planning to give to your event the character you want!

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Activities for Honeymooners in Santorini
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My Favorite Activities for Honeymooners in Santorini   The island of Santorini, is one of the most famous destinations worldwide and can offer plenty of activities especially for Honeymooners….. In this article I will show you my favorite honeymoon activities in Santorini. Sunset in OIA The Village of Oia is one of the most beautiful villages…

Τάσεις Γάμου στην Σαντορίνη
Santorini Local Wedding Trends
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Santorini Local Wedding Trends   Getting married in Greece is a really big deal throughout the centuries. All over Greece there are some very special customs and traditions. In Santorini there are some interesting trends when it comes to modern Weddings. Especially for those of you that are interested in having something unique for their…

Event Decoration
Event Decoration
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Event Decoration Regarding Decoration Event sometimes comes time to think how to choose colours and theme for your event. Creating a special event is like creating a unique piece of art. You want to have unity, balance, interest and excitement. Choosing a theme and colour palette allows you to imbue your events with you personal elements…

Get Married In Santorini
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Why get married in Santorini????   In this article, i am going to tell you Why get married in Santorini. I am going to give you my point of you and give you the benefits of get married in Santorini. As I have spent many years of my life on the amazing island of Santorini,…

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