Destination Bachelorette Party (Santorini/Athens)

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Bachelorette Party

This is it! The last pre- wedding bash for a bride to be before she actually ties the knot! Or, as someone cleverly coined once “The last fling before the ring” Bachelorette party!

Everyone wants the bachelorette party to be fun but also tasteful and classy! Of course, when having to plan all these at home everything seems so much easier than having to do any preparation in another country.

This is where we come in and provide you with a collection of ideas that we would be able to materialize in order to make that special event a memorable one.

Destinations for Santorini & Athens

Spa Day:

Get pampered at a local Spa or at the Spa of the Hotel you are staying. Facials, massages, manicures and pedicures with some herbal soft drinks or Champagne! Look refreshed rather than being tired from traveling.

Wine tasting:

Greece is so famous for the wines and vineyards so you should not miss the chance of tasting those local flavors, learn about their history or even get a glance of how local wines are produced.

Cooking Class:

Most of brides today do not have the time to cook something new or something special for their significant other half. What a better chance to learn a new dish and impress your future husband with new flavor.

Night out with the girls:

Get yourself in just a little bit of trouble! Visiting Greece is a perfect opportunity for going out and experiencing the local night life style! After all Greece is pretty famous for its “Bouzoukia” and parties that last till the early morning hours.

Bachelorette hunt:

Host a Bachelorette scavenger hunt full of crazy and funny tasks! Put all Bachelorettes in pairs and challenge them to take a picture of every completed step. Give the fastest team a special prize and gather all photo taken to a special online file shared with all the girls so that everyone can have access to it forever!

Bachelorette photo shoot:

Hire a professional photographer to take photos of all of you together! You can choose to have a photo shooting indoors, during another group activity or have a themed photos hooting! In any case, let the Bachelorettes know the photo shooting concept, put your best smile on and Voila! You have the most amazing pictures to remember your life before the ring!

Beach Party:

Choose a spot you like, put on your cutest bikinis and provide all girls with a matching accessory. Light up a fire on the beach, share pre-wedding stories or play games and do not forget to refresh and dive in!

Day Tour:

Having to attend a wedding abroad is a tour by itself. When you visit another country for a specific event you are given an opportunity to get to know that place as well! Gather all Bachelorettes and go on a full day tour exploring your wedding destination and learn something new in an adventurous way!

Joint Parties:

Many are the couples that choose to have joint parties these days. In this case a common Dinner Party would sound the perfect idea. Gather all your friend to a night out that everyone will remember! Plan in advance games and activities that will challenge your friends to show you how well they know you and make them remember for a lifetime what a cool couple you are!!!Of course there are plenty of activities to choose from when we talk about a joint celebration as for example most of the above mentioned activities!

Well, if you are the BFF of the Bride or the Bride herself, trying to put together a perfect Bachelorette Party is a big deal! It is sometimes something that will determine everyone’s mood before the wedding! So, if you are having your Bachelorette party in one of our destinations, do keep in mind that Marryposa Royal Events is here to make your life easier and create any kind of event you imagine! After all, the most important thing for all wedding participants (including the Bride and Groom), is to enjoy the event and have a memorable time!


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