Activities for Honeymooners in Santorini

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My Favorite Activities for Honeymooners in Santorini


The island of Santorini, is one of the most famous destinations worldwide and can offer plenty of activities especially for Honeymooners….. In this article I will show you my favorite honeymoon activities in Santorini.

Sunset in OIA

The Village of Oia is one of the most beautiful villages of Santorini and a stunning part of the island from where millions of people watch the Sunset every year. It is a heavenly pleasure to have your dinner in a local restaurant and watch the sun go down slowly.

Visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse

As every lighthouse, the Akrotiri Lighthouse is located in a part of the island which is not densely inhabited. This makes this spot on the island a unique chance to relax and enjoy the peace and quite of the surrounding, but also has full view of the whole cliff side and the Palea & Nea Kameni (Volcano).

Wine tasting at Sunset

Santorini is famous for the local wines and if you are a wine lover there is nothing better than a sunset and a wine tasting of at least the 3 basic varieties that the island produces. On a terrace overlooking the Cliff Side or inside a vineyard, you will be able to enjoy a very special wine tasting.

Walk in the traditional Village of Pyrgos (Kastelli of Pyrgos)

The Kastelli of Pyrgos, as the locals call, it is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages on the island. As the architecture remains unattached in the years, Pyrgos Village is a perfect chance for a couple to walk around the alleys and end up at the west part of the village where the Church of Theotokaki is located.

Open Air Cinema

The Open Air Cinema is a really an interesting experience. Someone may not find it an attraction that would be interesting for visitors from other countries but this Open Air Cinema has a bewitchingly beautiful environment and most of the time it hosts very exciting events apart from the modern movie projections.


Santorini is a complex of islands and the only way to explore them is by the sea. On the island there are many companies with different kind of boats that will be able to provide you with amazing tours. From traditional wooden boats and sailing boats to luxury yachts, cruises in Santorini cover all tastes. Of course the suggestion for couples is an evening tour since you can combine the cruise with a romantic sunset onboard.

Hiking Trail Between Fira & Oia

Not everybody loves hiking but of you and your soul mate do, you’ll love the trail between Fira and Oia. This trail is located on the Caldera Side connecting Fira – Imerovigli -Oia, and offers hikers some of the best views on the island. While hiking you can enjoy some peace and quiet as this whole part of the island has no houses on it. Depending on your pace you could expect to take about 3 hours for the hike and if let’s say you get a bit tired somewhere on the path you will be able to finish the trail by renting a donkey or you can just take your time and take romantic pictures of the views…

Go swimming at Red Beach

Red is the color of passion and love, this alone makes this unique beach the ultimate romantic spot on the island!!! Either reaching the beach from a boat (swimming) or just hike for a little since it is not connected directly with the main road, the Red Beach is really worth the visit, especially for couples.

Scuba Diving

For the more adventurous couples this is a magnificent activity as Santorini’s waters have a lot to offer! Great underwater experiences with your significant other not only will excite you but also provide you with a once in a lifetime memory.

In Marryposa Royal Events we have will always provide you with the most interesting and up to date proposals regarding all the places you need to see in Santorini. We always hope that our ideas are an inspirational guideline to all visitors in this unique island.


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