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Why get married in Santorini????


In this article, i am going to tell you Why get married in Santorini. I am going to give you my point of you and give you the benefits of get married in Santorini. As I have spent many years of my life on the amazing island of Santorini, I can assure any Bride or Groom to be that this THE place for an unforgettable wedding experience!

There are so many reasons to say Yes to getting married in Santorini Island. That I would honestly need a lifetime to tell you all about it. But I will try just in few words to share with you the reasons. The reasons, that I am so in love with Santorini and why You should definitely have your wedding there.

Santorini is famous worldwide as a wedding and honeymoon destination. The magnificent scenery presented in a unique Caldera created over 3500 years ago. This view can touch anyone having the chance to see it. Another amazing factor is the position of the island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. That also gives a wonderful, almost magical, Sunset and Sunrise.

Now, before I proceed to the way most of our clients describe their experience, I would like to give you some examples of how Santorini can be traditional and luxurious at the same time.

A tradicional & luxurious island to get married

Imagine yourself walking in the picturesque alleys with the small cobblestone streets, feeling a light breeze in your face. Imagine a traditional village built at the edge of the cliff, white cave-houses, blue church domes and purple Bugainvilleas. Imagine the smell of the Aegean Sea while walking around on a red volcanic beach. Imagine taking a donkey ride next to the cliff side with all the magnificent view of the Caldera.

On the other hand, imagine the most luxurious hotels and restaurants on the cliff side. Just opposite to the most famous Volcanic Area of the world. Imagine relaxing in the upper north part of the island and having a wine tasting of the most popular local wines during sunset.

This is the way it feels like when you are on the spectacular island of Santorini…

The experience of getting married in Santorini is magical

Apart from all of the above, the way most people describe the whole experience of their stay on the island is many times the same as the description that people give off the preparation and the materialization of their wedding. So I concluded that this is the most accurate way for me to give you all the notes needed in choosing Santorini…

The cliffside

  • The moment you arrive. You just reached a new land far away from home, far away from all the ordinary things you have known till this moment. And you wonder “Will it really be as everyone describes it?” or ”Will it be as I want it to be?”… And then comes the moment when you reach the Cliffside and you get so thrilled and stunned by the view and the beauty. This is the exact way you feel before the actual ceremony takes place. The slight fear of “what is going to happen?”, “Is everything going as planned?” and then you are standing opposite the person that matters the most to you, ready to commit to a beautiful relationship that is progressing.

The Sunset

  • When the day is about to end, there is a sweet sunset with that special pallet of colors in the sky. Giving out the most romantic feeling. The feeling that a beautiful day has come to an end, fulfilling all your most special dreams. After the ceremony, this feeling is completed. And you have finally turned over a new leaf in life and you have opened the doors for the next day with that sweet sensation that this is how it is going to be for the rest of your life.

So, to all of you that have decided to get married but still have not decided where to do so, I hope my description will be the thing you needed to get your motivation and get to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



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